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CANNA™ is designed to support your use of natural sunlight, artificial lighting, or blend of both. With the strength and rigidity of our steel framing, you can locate lighting, ballasts and wiring anywhere. The "polar white" wall-panel color option optimizes the solar reflectivity of your interior. Further, greenhouse panels may be installed along both wall and roof systems to best leverage the natural lighting that season allow.

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Temperature-control is one of the most important factors in producing a healthy harvest. CANNA™ accommodates multiple types of insulation packages at customized R-values. Your option of thermal panels offers unique advantages over conventional wall construction to your grow operation.

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The humidity needs of your crop change throughout its lifecycle. CANNA™ features the best in climate-control technologies. Its thermal or interior-liner panels may be easily sanitized to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Most importantly, your building system's pre-painted galvanized panels withstand corrosion and warping in high-humidity environments, over extended time.

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Customizable lighting, temperature, humidity and irrigation systems can only carry you so far -- the biggest limit to the potential profitability of your operation is space. With almost limitless interior span, your CANNA™ package provides a cost-effective indoor-grow solution, per square-foot. Further, steel buildings may be easily replicated to accommodate the growth of your operation!

...And Your Process

Whether you intend to germinate your own seeds or cultivate clones, cannabis seedlings appreciate high-humidity and warm-temperature environments. They drink white light, and are over-sensitive to nutrients. Although they help to decrease the indoor life-cycle of your crop, clones are particularly vulnerable to mold and pests (see humidity). After evidence of the beginnings of a healthy root system, seedlings are ready to be transplanted.

In optimum conditions, cannabis may grow several inches each day! However, the cannabis plant grows no faster than the rate at which its leaves can produce energy for new growth. Of particular importance to the process of photosynthesis is the maintenance of optimal CO2-levels in your growing area. Your CANNA™ design will enable you to control temperature, ventilation, humidity, lighting intensity and duration for each growing stage, supporting not only the efficient growth of your crop but also the energy-efficiency of your facility.

After a change in light sequence that mimics the outdoor growing season, the cannabis plant becomes sexually mature, and begins to produce THC-rich, resin-condensed buds. For CANNA's greenhouse option, electronically managed light-deprivation system helps to move your crop to the flowering stage though artificial manipulation of the cannabis photo-period. Slightly cooler, dryer climates prevail during this stage, as do timer-controlled periods of orange-red lighting. This stage extends for ~7-12 weeks, depending on strain.

A temperature- and humidity-controlled environment is critical to the completion of the curing process. Further, your facility should be optimized to allow you to move easily from flowering, to drying, to distribution. Your CANNA™ design might include not only trim-areas and storage systems but also loading dock-areas. Last but not least, your CANNA™ system support the integration of video surveillance and security-alarm systems, which help protect your valuable asset.

Specialty Features

Leveraging a diverse pool of structural engineer, technician and master grower expertise, the CANNA™ building system provides several turn-key options that consider all of the grower's needs. We provide all but the soil.

Solar Tape

Maintaining optimal light-levels while staying as energy-efficient as possible is key to running a successful commercial cannabis grow operation. Cost-efficient, with proven durability, your CANNA™ building system is compatible for solar additions, helping to mitigate your operation's energy expenses. CANNA's standing-seam, weather-tight roof system serves as the basis for photo-voltaic solar film, demanding no additional framing.

Greenhouse Panels

The seamless integration of greenhouse panels into your CANNA™ system supports the natural maturation of multiple harvests utilizing natural sunlight, enabling long-term cost savings. Insulated or non-insulated, these poly-carbonate panels install within both the wall and roof systems.

Expandable End-walls

Of all of the features contributing to your potential profit in the cannabis industry, none constrain you more than the need for space. As your operation grows, your need for space also will grow. Fortunately, your building can scale with you. The integration of expandable end-walls to your CANNA™ system enable you to add any desired length to your building, providing you a cost-effective option for expanding your existing location.

The clear-span design of CANNA's pre-engineered building may be easily customized for your facility's grow, storage and/or distribution processes. Among its many features, the CANNA™ system may be tailored to include specialized lighting, temperature-control, ventilation, CO2-moniotoring, irrigation and humidity-regulation systems, suiting your requirements.

Thermal Panels

Pre-insulated Thermal Panels offer a single-piece, full-wall system to your CANNA™ design. They consist of an exterior panel, a CFC-free foamed-in-place polyisocyanurate insulation foam and an interior liner panel. This option may be utilized for both the roof and walls, and offers a selection of R-values, profiles and color options.

Non-Thermal Panels

CANNA's Interior Liner Panel option offers effective protection of your insulation against water, mildew, mold, animals, and insects. Their metal facing makes cleaning and de-contamination a cinch. And yes, they can be white.


A great benefit to steel is that you can easily add catwalks, mezzanines, or even multiple full-floors. These options offer a great way to achieve different views of your operation or divide functional space, helping you to maximize the utility of your building's interior space.

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