To compete in the present, technologically accelerating landscape, organisations must continually innovate. The key to the management of innovation is the life-cycle management of enterprise knowledge. The innovative organisation seeks not only to continually "push" value along production lines but also to "pull" essential feedback from the environment into its production and service channels. This push/pull dance of information through an open, feedback system enables an organisation to make continuous, incremental improvements aligned to emerging needs.

My mission is to empower the autonomy of individuals, organizations, and communities through the continuous curation of actionable business knowledge.

The principal skill that I offer is the ability to orient and design strategic initiatives within the holistic vision of enterprise service-channel management.

Professional Qualifications

  • Applications-oriented technology researcher with solid background of experience and discipline
  • Highly analytical, discerning, decisive, and rational “systems” thinker
  • Strong critical-thinking, problem-solving, and organisational skills
  • Superb written communication and visual-design skills
  • Rapidly absorbs and networks complex, theoretical material into actionable frameworks
  • Adept at evaluating and developing strategic plans that actualize project/business objectives
  • Maintains high standards for performance with outstanding performance constancy
  • Committed to personal development, effective communication, and values-driven leadership
  • Nurtures productive internal relationships and business partnerships